M e n u

   All Day Breakfast     £7.60

   2 x sausage, 2 x bacon, 2 x eggs, black pudding, hash browns, mushrooms, beans & 

   buttered toast

   The Small One        £6.40

   1 x sausage, 1 x bacon, 1 x eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, beans & buttered toast


   The Veggie One       £7.60

   2 x Glamorgan sausage, 2 x eggs, tomatoes, hash browns, mushrooms, beans &

   buttered toast

   Hot Rolls; sausage, bacon, egg, etc, etc  from £4.00

   Pancakes with Bacon & maple Syrup       £5.50

​   Scrambled Eggs on Toast            £5.00

   Homemade Soup​​                      £5.00

   with crusty roll & butter​


   Cheese Burger & Chips     £7.00 

   Quarter-pound burger served with onions,

   relish and chips


   Ham & Cheese Ploughmans     £7.50

   with pickle, homemade coleslaw and crusty bread

   Salmon & Dill Fishcakes     £7.50

    served with homemade coleslaw, salad, chips & tartare sauce


    Chicken Curry        £7.50

   Homemade chicken tikka masala with rice/chips 

   and naan bread 

   Chicken Burger & Chips  £7.00

     Quarter pound of beaded chicken served

   with lettuce, onions, tomato & mayo

   Ham, Egg & Chips   £7.20

   Slices of ham and free-range eggs served with chips and a salad garnish


  Sandwiches & Toasties & Baguettes  from £4.00



    Also:  muffins, cakes, toasted tea-cakes, flap-jack,

  ice cream . . . .

Steel Horse Café

'Pie and coffee are as important as petrol'